What the Vnuk? Drivers to Cough Up Again.

What the Vnuk? Drivers to Cough Up Again.

Shropshire motorists could now have to pay an extra £20 a year to insure their cars – and it’s all Europe’s fault.

Dave Williams of Henshalls Insurance Brokers, in Newport and Shrewsbury, said the ruling by the European Court of Justice could have a direct impact on the cost of policies across the UK.

“The ruling – known as the Vnuk judgement – says that off-road vehicles and racing cars have to be insured, even if they never enter a public highway, and it even includes tractors and mobility scooters.

“But insurers do not believe it is possible to make all drivers of off-road vehicles buy insurance cover, so ordinary motorists are set to face the costs of the levy instead on top of their policy charge.”

Mr Williams said the Department of Transport had tried to stall the implementation of the new rules, and the Government was currently consulting with its European counterparts to try to hold off the levy.

“Insurers are also calling on the European Commission to intervene and exclude off-road vehicles as requiring potentially a million off-road users to have compulsory third party cover is just a non-starter.

“It would be impossible to enforce the rules, and introducing the new criteria would potentially increase claims from uninsured off-road users.

“This would mean that for dangerous activities such as motor sports, unlimited third party cover could be so expensive that it would make some events completely uninsurable.”

Mr Williams said it could also lead to claimant lawyers and claims management companies encouraging claims that would ultimately be paid for by insured motorists through their premiums.”

3 thoughts on “What the Vnuk? Drivers to Cough Up Again.

  • April 20, 2017 at 8:37 am

    So it’s actually not Europe’s fault but the that of Insurance companies not applying a ruling as it should be

  • April 20, 2017 at 11:03 am

    But the european court of justice is not part of eu so unless we cut out ties with european court of justice, as i understand it any new legisation they apply would also still apply here.


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