Sad news from Stay Telford

Sad news from Stay Telford

“Our Homeless Outreach Worker – Paul Sansome, has let us know that Richard Peace (Bob) sadly passed away on 14 August 2017. Bob was well known in Wellington and Newport and was supported by Paul to find housing last year.

A service to say farewell to Bob will be held at Telford Crematorium on Monday 4 September at 11 am. All are welcome to come and pay their respects.”

I first noticed Bob when he was living in a bus shelter at the top of Haygate Road. Proper living there. He had a small trolley and a hi-viz anorak to keep the cold out.

Sometimes he would walk down to Wellington Centre and folks would buy him food and he was usually very polite & would chat.

He didn’t just hang around in the centre either. As he made his way around Telford & Newport folks on Twitter would let everyone know where he was and a dinner would get taken to him, flasks of tea in the winter and people were looking out for him.

I last saw Bob in Wellington Centre. Shouting at random things. I wondered if he was having a bad time then Stay, the Outreach folks in Telford helped him get a house and start to get his life in order. It was like a happy ending to a story that the likes of which don’t often have happy endings.

It was sad news this afternoon when I learned Bob had passed on. Even more sad that he’s not likely to get any family at his funeral on Monday 4th. If you got nothing on, well, you know what to do.

Did ever meet Bob? Leave your story below.

RIP Bob. A Gentleman to the end.

Photo Stay Telford.

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