Your views sought on 50th Birthday celebrations

Your views sought on 50th Birthday celebrations

As part of the engagement around its 50th celebrations the Council is launching a Telford Pride @ 50 Fund to deliver projects or schemes that leave a lasting legacy.

These will link in with next year’s birthday celebrations and could recognise Telford’s history and support the future social and economic growth of the borough.

The intention is that following our consultation, we will develop a list of projects or schemes that could be supported by the Telford Pride @ 50 Fund.

Funding may be available to organisations to deliver these projects, it is envisaged that we would seek further information from these identified organisations through Expressions of Interest in early 2018.

At this stage the council wants to know what types of projects people would like to see introduced to commemorate Telford’s 50th birthday.

Link to survey:

2 thoughts on “Your views sought on 50th Birthday celebrations

  • August 1, 2017 at 10:39 pm

    I would like to see equality in the allocation of adapted housing. The current exclusion of those in most urgent assessed need from suitable housing by Wrekin Housing Trust, and supported by Lucy Allan, leaving deserving people to rot away in pain shames the town, in my opinion. The indifference of the Council to such injustice also reflects badly on the town, in my opinion. Fancy gimmicks are a waste of time until equality of treatment and opportunity replaces the current unfairness and conscious cruelty, in my opinion. I cannot celebrate such a town which, otherwise, is no better or worse than anywhere else.


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