UrBex in Telford: The Haygate

UrBex in Telford: The Haygate

Chris has been featured on Telford Live a number of times. Always respectful of peoples property and a fascinating visit at one of Telfords popular rock music venues before it closed recently.

“The Haygate was a pub in Telford that hosted live music, and was popular with metal heads, rockers, goths etc. It closed its doors for the last time roughly a month or two ago, when the owners allegedly decided to move abroad, and it’s apparently due to be demolished to make room for houses. I wasn’t a regular but I have enjoyed my fair share of nights here, so hearing that it was closing did shock and sadden me. But for someone who blogs about forbidden tourism, it’s scheduled demolition suddenly made it blog fodder, and I didn’t want all those fond memories to slip away without taking one last look. In we go.”

Take a look at the pics and article here: http://shrewsburyfromwhereyouarenot.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/the-haygate.html?m=1

8 thoughts on “UrBex in Telford: The Haygate

  • August 8, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    respetfull definatly not , chris and his little group have been going round smashing up and vandalising some of the abandoned places in shropshire , i can name them and the places if asked , tho he will just say im his stalker , but i am onto his antics and have shared this info with the urbex community whisch he is so fond of slating

    • October 15, 2018 at 1:00 pm

      Go to the police then.
      Seriously, if you have the evidence, proof that these places are getting trashed by him, and if the dates of the vandalism line up with the times and dates of the photo files, then why are you just typing on the internet about how you are “onto his antics”?
      You need to take your evidence to the police- Presumably you have footage of him doing it? You need to provide the date in which a place was vandalised, and those dates need to correspond with when a photo was taken, you need to provide the names of people in his “group”, and proof that they are doing it. You will also need to provide an explanation for how you always seem to know where Chris will be vandalising something, otherwise it’ll just look like A) You are stalking him or B) You’re vandalising places that Chris has blogged about in an attempt to frame him.
      You also need to take into consideration that if any of that is true, Chris could press charges for slander, harassment, and you could get charged for wasting police time. Keep in mind that Chris did post on his social media strong evidence that you have been stalking him, so out of the two of you, he is the only one providing evidence to back his allegations so far, whereas you just come across as a little obsessed.
      But hey, you claim to have the evidence, so get to the police. Chop Chop!


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