Telford LED Street Lights Project Will Save Cash

Telford LED Street Lights Project Will Save Cash

A major programme to improve more than 20,000 street lights across Telford and Wrekin starts today as part of the Pride in Your Community investment programme.

After the Council’s Paths and Pavements Maintenance scheme launched this spring, the next Pride in Your Community project is a £5.2m investment in street lighting.

Over the next two years, 20,000 street lights will be upgraded by the Council with LED technology. The new LED lights use less energy, reduce pollution and make it easier for residents to see things at night, helping to make areas safer.

The upgrade to LED lights will not only lead to improved lighting but also saving the Council £420,000 a year through reduced maintenance and lower energy costs.

Angie Astley, Assistant Director Neighbourhood & Customer Services, said: “We want to make our streets better lit, safer and, at the same time, make our street lights more cost effective. This project will considerably improve street lights across the borough.”

“The new LED lights give a whiter light compared with existing ones. We expect that every Telford & Wrekin Council owned street light will be upgraded by the end of 2018.”

A pilot LED scheme in the borough last year saw lots of residents say the new LED lights improved their area and people felt safer.

This year, more than £20m is being invested in improving, repairing and making safer roads and streets across Telford and Wrekin.

This also includes installing energy efficient road signs, a programme of road lining improvement, additional investment into repairing local roads and footpaths and lots of environmental maintenance improvements.

When new lights are being installed, homes in these areas will receive a letter explaining the changes. gives regular updates and details on Street Lighting Energy Improvements Project, as part of Pride in Your Community programme.

4 thoughts on “Telford LED Street Lights Project Will Save Cash

  • May 8, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    Newport Town Council have been slowly upgrading to LED for sone years now. The sensible option.

  • May 8, 2017 at 9:57 pm

    No more astronomy in Shropshire then.. the white light also disrupts wildlife, disturbs sleep and encourages burglars. LEDs involve expensive rare earth elements too 🙁 As for driving, many cars these days are fitted with headlights.


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