Telford Live on Sunday Election Pull-out & Keep

Telford Live on Sunday Election Pull-out & Keep


It’s about what you don’t say

This week I asked for copies of all the electioneering material you’ve had posted through your doors in both constituencies. You came up trumps, so we have a selection. With Labour in Telford working on 40,000 print runs and each home getting at least three items, plus what is being sent out centrally, there is fair bit to take a look at.

What’s interesting is not just what has been included, but also what’s been left out. About now, some of you will be screaming ‘bias’ as you expect me to launch into a ‘Why no Corbyn in the leaflet?’ We’ll it’s a good and fair question. There isn’t a mention. Not once on anything I’ve seen is there a picture or a quote from Jeremy Corbyn.

In my survey of Telford and the Wrekin, both constituencies considered the party leader to be important, as important, as the local candidate. Right now, I’d suggest Labour supporters are about to blow a fuse, so get a cup of tea and sit down before taking to twitter.

Theresa May has written to many people (but not me) and in the letter, the contributor who sent me a copy mentioned that there wasn’t a Conservative logo. She was right. What she didn’t spot was the fact that there were no mentions of the word Conservative either. I checked. Twice.

Campaigning is a complicated, technical business. Focus groups will have been selected and asked their opinions, and from this, the mechanics and tactics are drawn up. In both the main parties, it seems like they each have something they don’t want to shout about.

Take a look at some of the election leaflets and tell me what you think.


Three Weeks to Go

Just less than three weeks to go, and we’ve seen claim and counter-claim about fake photos in campaigns. The most famous one was the picture from Lucy Allan at a door with a resident who later pops up, seemingly delivering Conservative Party leaflets.

I asked Lucy about the story. Turns out the guy in question is Mike. An ex-Labour Party member was a concerned resident, who had turned to Lucy for help when his Woodside fish & chip van licence was revoked by the council. Although Lucy was unable to get him his licence back, Mike had to close his business, he chose to help with her campaign.

Mike has since found another job, and commented ‘I used to be a Labour member but I no longer stand for their values since the local labour council played a part in destroying my business, and my childrens future’

Should this be chalked up as a fake claim or a missed opportunity for Labour to support a small business locally?

As an aside, why does Woodside not have a chip shop?


No back room deals says Kuldip

When left of centre parties collude to not compete against each other in constituencies where every vote counts, like Telford for example. The idea being that Lucy Allan won by 730 votes, Green Party polled 930 votes and if they hadn’t have stood and those votes went to Labour, they would have edged it.

Joanne Gallagher, the superb BBC reporter, broke the story this week that the Greens offered to stand aside in Telford in return for a commitment that Labour would stand aside at the next council elections (2019) in a number of wards, letting the Greens pick up a couple of Telford & Wrekin Borough Council seats. Labour refused, Greens say dismissed the offer. I’m a little uneasy that political parties reduce the choice for you and I, in order to carry out a land grab, but does Labours reticence to take the Greens up on the offer mean Kuldip and crew have to work even harder to make up another 1000 votes that they could have almost counted on?

Who knows. What we do know is that nationally UKIP are not standing in marginal seats where there is a pro-leave MP. The thought being that the majority of the 7330 votes won by Denis Allen in 2015 will transfer to pro-leave Lucy, rather than Kuldip, who supported the remain campaign. In fairness, Kuldip did tell me ‘We are all brexiteers now’, but will that be enough to convince pro-leave Telford folks?


Has anyone seen Mark Pritchard?

Yes, me. I met Mark for the first time since the count in 2015 on Friday. We met up as part of the Telford Live video interviews with all the candidates in Telford and The Wrekin. I’ll be honest, I didn’t recognise him.

Mark looks about 5 years younger, lost a lot of weight and looks nothing like all the pictures used on his website and marketing material. Mark had plenty to say about PRH, local Labour and his proudest achievement for the area before popping off to pick something up for supper at the Co-op. You’ll have to wait until next Sunday to see the video.


I have the Election results

Not a hotline to the Kremlin, but the Dothill and Arleston wards for Wellington Town Council. Not a huge amount to report party-wise, Labour retained Arleston, with Giles Luter and Conservatives retained Dothill with Lisa Jinks.

What was impressive was the 33% turn-out for a Town Council seat. The last election in Telford was Lightmoor & Horsehay where Cllr Raj Mehta won a seat on Borough Council (Member of Parliament = Premier League, Borough Council = Championship, Town & Parish Council = League 1) turn out was just 17% in 2016 compared to 67% in 2015.


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10 thoughts on “Telford Live on Sunday Election Pull-out & Keep

  • May 21, 2017 at 8:17 am

    I’ve had a total of two pieces of election material so far. One from the Tories that came in the normal post along with the farm foods adverts etc. And one from Labour that was posted in a run by post incident (no knock on the door or chance to discuss)

  • May 21, 2017 at 8:48 am

    All I’ve had is a letter from Teresa May. I very rarely get anything when it comes to elections.

  • May 21, 2017 at 8:50 am

    Labour literature have no need to mention JC as the Tory rags give him acres of space in every edition – count that!

  • May 21, 2017 at 11:19 am

    Talking about “what you don’t say”..

    Lucy Allan has spent the last few days pressurising Facebook to remove posts identifying her husband as a “Fat Cat” banker. I don’t think Telford Live will allow me to repeat these here but the details are still available on Twitter if anyone is interested?.

    Interestingly Telford Live strongly disagrees that Ms Allan’s spouse (who conveniently goes by another surname) should be named. Apparently according to Telford Live its not in the public interest to know that an ex banker turned MP is also married to an extremely successful banker and that she has voted consistently AGAINST higher taxes on banks and AGAINST measures to reduce tax avoidance over the last two years?.

    Given that it is only 10 years since the banking sector bought the country to its knees I would say that it is most definitely in the public interest‽.

    On the other hand we already know who Kuldip Sahota’s wife is (she shares his surname for a start) and they have a business interest, namely a local shop. It’s nice to see that at least one candidate understands the value of transparency! So for example if Kuldip was to become MP and was voting for say, the relaxation of licensing for small shops his constituents could come to their own conclusion as to whether he was voting in Telford’s interest or his own.

    Given that nothing of this has been mentioned of this in today’s article I have to say I am starting to question the whole Telford Live agenda. Lets see whether Lucy Allan has been given a soft ride on the important questions in this upcoming video we’ve been promised?

  • May 21, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    I have had 2 letters from Mrs May and a knock on the door from the torries. Not seen a labour supporter just one leaflet through door. I think some r leaving it a bit late as had postal vote and sent it back and i know a lot of people have postal vote nowadays

  • May 22, 2017 at 1:17 am

    The Labour candidate may not want to acknowledge Corbyn, he can pretend he doesn’t exist and some voters might forget too… but how will he affect a National Health Service problem if he is an isolationist local candidate?

    Surely he can only exert influence on national policy and funding if he gets his flavour of government… with Corbyn as PM, McDonnell as Chancellor and Abbott as Home Sec – Kuldip can get them on speedial and the PRHs issues evaporate in a wealth of cash. So why won’t he mention them? It seems dishonest and unworthy to use his reputation and charm as a local politician to lever his party comrades into a position of national importance, when he’s too ashamed of them to even mention their names.

    • May 22, 2017 at 10:42 am

      Brendan Robinson

      Can you explain how having a Conservative MP has exerted influence on NHS national policy & funding because since Lucy Allan was elected this local situation has only got worse.

      When Lucy Allan was elected the most positive thing I could say about her was that having a Tory MP might improve the prospects at the PRH. How wrong I was. Lucy Allan’s only agenda has been to vote for her own interests!.

      Yesterday, Lucy Allan was on TV bending the truth again about the future of our A&E and Women’s and Children’s Unit. You really cannot trust a single word that comes out of Lucy Allan’s mouth.

      Lucy Allan was elected with ONE job to do and quite frankly she has failed quite miserably in that.

  • May 22, 2017 at 11:18 am

    Tim – you’ve clearly never liked Telford’s first female MP, nor seen any evidence of her work.

    I disagree, her work to get the best result for the PRH has been seen long before the election was called, her work highlighting the CSE issues that many local politicians ignored has impressed me and her support for Brexit has been balanced in my opinion.

    I didn’t vote for her last time, but I will this time based on those positives and my view of the national interest.

    Instead of being negative and personal about our first female MP, how about being positive about the alternatives? Kuldip is running on a promise to be better for the NHS/PRH, as a single issue candidate. As a national MP what could Kuldip practically do that Lucy hasn’t? The national Labour Party is offering goodies for everyone, they can offer the moon on a stick, but I want to know why Kuldip doesn’t support them – is it because as an experienced local politician he knows Corbyn/McDonnell/Abbott can’t fund all their promises, or because of their ideology and judgement?

    I’d like to hear something positive from Kuldip about a Corbyn led government his election would support.

  • May 22, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    As a resident of the Wrekin the election seems to be passing us by – no election leaflets yet, no knock on the door, no banners or signs anywhere – its almost as if the ‘missing’ MP expects to get in by default (and probably will). No wonder people as disillusioned with politicians, so I’ll be voting for the Independent candidate, who at least is interested in local issues to express my disapproval of the whole system.

  • May 22, 2017 at 8:33 pm

    Hi Andy sorry this is so late was only made aware of this blog today. Regarding the Green Party offer for a Progressive alliance. As coordinator of Telford and Wrekin Green Party I helped negotiate the offer with the Labour. Firstly in the 2015 election we,the Greens, were roundly condemned for allowing Lucy Allan to gain Telford of off Dave Wright, so we were genuinely surprised about there rejection of even nogotiations. Secondly we even offered not to stand in to of their marginals for the local elections in 2019 and given the precarious balance of power in the council would be yet another reason to open negotiations thirdly, and here I have to disagree with you viewpoint. Election pacts in marginal seats are empowering the voter to make a difference. The first past the post voting system means it’s not worth getting out of bed to vote in the vast majority of seats and people yearn to have a real say in politics. We know from talking to our supporters that they would prefer that our small vote was used to stop Lucy Allan making any more false claims aka ‘I have saved the PRH’ or passively accepting the need of more senseless Austerity that is causing so much misery. They will happily trade their protest vote for a vote that allows a Labour MP to organise against the Austerity Health cuts. We think that clearly there are decision makers inside the Labour Party who are so antipathetic to a Corbyn victory that they are quite willing to sacrifice Kuldip Sahota.


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