TCAT to Feature in DIY SOS Episode

TCAT to Feature in DIY SOS Episode

Students from Telford College of Arts and Technology lent a helping hand to the DIY SOS team when they came to film on the campus.

The production crew from The Big Build were in Telford to renovate and adapt a property in Trench for 11-year-old brain and spinal cancer sufferer Matthew Cooper. The show is due to be aired on June 22 at 9pm on BBC1.

Matthew spent more than a year in hospital, and then had to move to rented accommodation while the family home was made suitable for his needs.

The TV crew chose TCAT to film interviews with some of Matthew’s friends and family, giving media students the chance to chat with director Michelle Bullen and learn what goes into the making of the show.

Three students – Leviu Gandy, Shannon Murphy and Erin Rae – also got the chance to act as runners for the production crew, helping out behind the scenes. Others acted as stand-ins to help the team set up their shots.

Michelle Bullen spoke to TCAT’s media level three students about the TV industry, and her own career, and explained the sort of issues she needs to consider when setting up a scene.

“I want to say a huge thanks to Telford College of Arts and Technology for letting us use their amazing space, and providing three excellent media students who acted as runners for the afternoon, for a rather bossy director,” she said.

Leviu Gandy added: “Watching a professional film crew in operation was great – just watching them work was impressive.”

Shannon Murphy said: “It was a lot different to what I expected. There is so much involved in setting up and making sure you get the right shots; it was a fantastic experience, and everyone was so friendly and happy to answer questions.”

Erin Rae described it as a great opportunity to experience what happens behind the lens. “An amazing amount of detail went into shooting this piece of film, including talking in the right tense and making sure there wasn’t a clock on the wall – all to create a sense of real time.”

Cameraman Dan Spong explained the technical aspects of the equipment, how to keep it safe when on site, and the budgetary pressures involved in making the show.

Interior designer Gabrielle Blackman was also part of the three-hour TCAT shoot, showing off some of the ideas she had created for the Doctor Who-loving youngster’s home and chatting with students.

And she had more glowing praise for TCAT, saying: “It’s an amazing college full of inspiration everywhere. I love the studio feel, and the look of the college is fresh and colourful. I wish my art college looked like this.”

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