School Funding – who is right?

School Funding – who is right?

Jeremy Corbyn came to Telford this week and visited Newdale School. Follow the visit, he tweeted that the school ‘was facing cutbacks’.

The National Funding Formula (NFF) proposes changing the amount of money schools receive, of that there is no doubt, but how will Telford schools fare?

There is a popular website call School Cuts which has been set up by teaching unions to ‘project the effects of several government policies’.

Good News: School Cuts offers a link to the data used to calculate the funding by school figures.

Bad News: the link is to an empty Dropbox folder, so you can’t check.

The TES, (Times Educational Suppliment) has also published a list of the winners and losers in the NFF. TES puts Telford & Wrekin Schools at gaining by 2.2%, putting us in the top echelon.

This is confirmed by the sites projections too. Check for yourself here:

So are schools in Telford going to lose out? No, at least not based on the calculations here. Be mindful that ALL figures used by everyone are still only proposals.

3 thoughts on “School Funding – who is right?

  • July 23, 2017 at 10:33 am

    TelfordLife have you any comment to make on Lucy Allan’s lie about Jeremy Corbyn and ‘Tory Scum’?

  • July 23, 2017 at 10:43 am

    “Moreover, the SchoolCuts website, backed by teaching and other unions, has estimated that Newdale Primary School and Nursery in Telford will, by 2021, lose over £91,400 of its annual budget, have its spend per pupil reduced by £224, and as a consequence will have to shed three teachers. So Corbyn’s “facing further cutbacks” claim is perfectly valid.”

    ““Telford was 2nd highest beneficiary of school funding formula gained 2.2%. All our schools got more cash except 2”. And the two were? We don’t get to find that out, just as the voters of Telford don’t get to see their MP being totally honest with them: inflation in the UK reached 2.9% in June. That made four months in a row above that 2.2% figure.”


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