Featured Blogger: Cheryl; Mummy of 5 Miracles

Featured Blogger: Cheryl; Mummy of 5 Miracles

This week we are catching up with Cheryl Dodd. You may have seen her local food reviews which have been featured on Telford Live over the last few months.

This is your chance to find out a bit more about what makes her tick.

TL: So who is Chez?

Chez: I’m a 35-year-old Mum of 5 Children and I live in Telford with my partner of 5 years Gareth. I enjoy being out and about and have recently joined the gym in a bid to try to go from a fatty to a fitty. My children range from baby to teen so I am always busy doing something. When I do get a chance to do something for me it is usually reading a Christmas book or watching a Christmas film ( even if it’s the middle of the year) I am absolutely Christmas obsessed and love everything about it so reading the books or watching the films make me smile.

TL: Give me an overview of what the focus of your blog is about :

Chez: I blog about life as a parent of 5 children. From Baby milestones, Toddler Tantrums, Bullying, Hormones and more. Originally I was going to focus on it being a parenting blog but soon realised that actually, I enjoy reviewing items or places and talking about other things such as relationships and health as well so it became more of a lifestyle blog than a ‘mummy blog’

TL: What made you choose this as a niche?

Chez: I know this sounds really cheesy but I didn’t really choose it as much as it progressed into what it is. As I said previously, Originally it was just going to be a parenting blog but soon it expanded to something larger.

TL: Are there any perks or benefits of doing it?

Chez: Yes, there are, we quite often get offered some amazing opportunities such as trying out new products or hosting giveaways. However, It’s very easy to sit back and think wow I’m going to blog look at all the stuff they get, without seeing the hours and hours of work that are put in behind the scenes.

If you work with a brand they often have criteria that you have to meet or a deadline. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been up until 3-4 am working on my blog and trying to catch up. I have recently hit a DA score of 25 which is fantastic and means that I can start to look at my blog and think about making an income from it.

Most of the things I have written up so far have been a case of me being there at the time and deciding to write about it without the knowledge of the places. Now I am able to start thinking further outside of the box and this could potentially be a whole new career and a full-time job.

TL: What one piece of advice would you give to anyone reading this and thinking of blogging or vlogging?

Chez: Don’t start doing it if you’re only doing it to make a small fortune or gain free stuff because you will be sorely disappointed. It takes a lot of time, hard work and dedication to keep a blog going and before most places will even think about working with you, you need to have something to show them and be able to prove that you have the ability to do the things required. There are many hours of work involved in which you don’t get any payment for. You really need to want to do it and be prepared to put in the hard work if you want to make it a success.

TL: Tell me one thing no one knows about you :

Chez: I FAILED English, quite dramatically. I got a U in my exams because I was too lazy to sit and do coursework. I had a rough time at school meaning the only thing I focused on was how quickly I could get out of there and home.

The fact that I now write a blog is actually incredible considering my grades were so poor. I do regret it deeply though as I know I have a brain I just sometimes fail to use it. I wish I’d been more productive.

Thanks Chez. Here are all of the links to find out more…

Blog : www.mummyof5miracles.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/mummyof5miracles
Twitter : www.twitter.com/mummyof5miracle ( no s it wouldn’t fit!)
Instagram : www.instagram.com/mummyofmiracles
YouTube : Chezsut100

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