Meet Kirsty, local travel blogger.

Meet Kirsty, local travel blogger.

Most of us have thought we could make a good go of blogging or vlogging, and we have some fantastic local content creators. This is your chance to find a bit more about about them & get some insight into how they started and what they do.

First up is Kirsty. Although not full-time, Kirsty is uber professional and this comes across in everything that she does, including her email footer! A great confidence builder when dealing with brands.

TL: Tell me a little about Kirsty!

KL: Hello! My names is Kirsty Leanne and I’ve lived in Telford for most of my life. By day I work as a Marketing Executive for a local healthcare company, but by night I am a Travel Blogger and Digital Marketing Freelancer.

TL: You’ve been sharing your travel experiences recently, but that’s not all you have blogged about, is it?

KL: My blog definitely didn’t start as a travel blog but as I started to travel more, I found that writing about my different adventures was my passion. I cover anything from the places I’ve traveled, to guides to different cities and hotel reviews! As my blog grows I am sure the variety of content will too.

I also started YouTube properly last month and although I’ve only posted one video I hope to vlog all of my future travels!

TL: What made you choose travel as a niche?

I originally started off as beauty blogger but after a while I found that I was forcing blog posts because I felt I had to. It wasn’t until I changed my blog name to ‘Kirsty Leanne’ that I started writing in a style that felt more like me. In February I made the change to Travel Blogger and I haven’t looked back since!

TL: Are there any perks or benefits you get from writing blogs?

KL: There are lots of perks to blogging, especially as my blog is slowly growing. I occasionally get to go on press trips or get to review hotels or travel-related products, however, it definitely doesn’t come for free. I have to put in a lot of work in return for the perks – although I don’t mind the hard work when it’something I enjoy doing!

TL: What do your friends and family think about it?

KL: Off the top of my head, I wasn’t sure on this one (probably because I never ask) so I asked around.

My Mum said that both her and my Dad are proud of how hard I’ve worked to get my blog to where it is today and they hope that one day my dream of full-time blogging will come true. They think it’s great that I get lots of opportunities, but know that I’m determined and work hard to get them.

My sister said that it’s very inspiring and that she’s also started blogging because she’s seen how much I enjoy it.

Most of my closest friends are ones that I have made through blogging, however, I know that the ones that aren’t are always supportive of what I do.

TL: What would one piece of advice you give to anyone reading this and thinking of blogging or vlogging?

KL: It sounds so cliche but just go for it! I put off blogging for so long because I was worried nobody would read or I’d fall flat on my face. The blogging community is incredible and they will always support you and offer a helping hand if needed.

That being said, if anybody in Telford does want to start a blog and would like some advice/help my inbox is always open –

TL: Tell me one thing no one knows about you?

KL: This is a difficult one… especially when I share a lot of my life online.

Okay, this isn’t something no-one knows but close enough – when I was younger I was scared of everything (including driving through the countryside in the rain) and now, I want to travel the world 😉

TL: Thanks Kirsty, hit me up with your links!

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Pic: Kirsty on a trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands

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