Telfood Feastival

Food Review: Sam visits Telfood Feastival

It’s on today so you can see for yourself, but Sam went yesterday…

“Now ladies and gentleman, welcome to the food revolution. Press De CUBA. I kid you not this has to be the best £6 I’ve spent this year! Has anybody seen that movie Chef? The 2014 film with Jon Favreau in, where he gets the food truck and starts selling grilled Cuban sandwiches… well this is like the real life version of the movie Chef and Christ is it heavenly.

These guys really emphasised the importance of marinating the meat, promising the meat has been marinated in authentic Cuban MoJo sauce for 8-12 hours… now I don’t know what that means, but heck, it sounds pretty sexy doesn’t it?”

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Telfood Feastival

What can I say, Southwater has sprung some new life into Telford over the last couple of years and The Telfood Feastival is proof of this. I visited the food festival on Saturday with my old work f…

One thought on “Telfood Feastival

  • September 3, 2017 at 11:22 am

    Great review, the food choices are amazing at the festival, so good so have a little something fresh and different. We need more of these events in Telford!


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