Ironbridge Road Closure Extended

Ironbridge Road Closure Extended

Cllr Nicola Lowery reports that there have been delays with getting the beam into place on site so what was supposed to be a closure until 3pm will now be going onto 11pm.

“Just to keep everyone posted on the closure along the Wharfage and the scaffolding beams that are being lifted into place on the Iron Bridge.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their concern Taziker Industrial (contractors appointed for the Conservation Project) the work on site to lift the required scaffolding beams into place has taken longer than expected. I have just been onto site to meet with the Project Manager and they anticipate to have completed the works, derigged and vacated the site by 11pm this evening. The Wharfage therefore I can confirm will reopen to traffic from 11pm this evening.

Having spoken to Taziker directly they would like to sincerely apologise for any disruption the extended closure or works may if caused the local community. As a contractor they have endeavoured to work proactively and positively with the local community and certainly wish to continue this moving forward therefore can only apologise for this unforeseen delay.

Hope this helps reassure everyone that the Wharfage will be open again in the next few hours and many thanks to the contractors on site that I know are working extremely hard to get this work finished as soon as possible to minimise disruptions.”

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