Severn Trent – A great pizza good news

Severn Trent – A great pizza good news

Water giant, Severn Trent send a hand-written note to Telford folks who organised free pizza for the hard working engineers who toiled through the night to get our water supply back on tap.

The note was sent to Kebab King in Madeley who supplied the pizza, and Hannah who arranged the drop with other members of the Telford Neighbourhood Watch facebook group.

Sarah, from Severn Trent said the team were “Grateful” and spurred on by the support.

2 thoughts on “Severn Trent – A great pizza good news

  • October 8, 2017 at 9:36 am

    How nice of someone in a large company like this to take the time to do something like this, rather than just press a button on the computer that sends out a templated response


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