Can you give Telford Children a Smile this Christmas?

Can you give Telford Children a Smile this Christmas?

Last year, you gave 4000 gifts to 700 adults and children who would otherwise have gone without on Christmas Day.

Christmas Smile was founded in 2013 to provide gifts to local children and families living in difficult circumstances.

It is a project that is run by the community for the community. Our vision is that no child, or adult for that matter, should go without at least one special gift from Santa.

Not everyone in our community has either a roof over their heads, a loving family, food on the table or gifts under the tree so our aim is to give a Christmas surprise to every person who lives in the Telford community and who is experiencing difficulties.

Please help us to give them a Christmas Smile.

The 2013 gift pilot focused on children but from 2014 we expanded to include any community residents who may be in difficulty, alone and without a gift at Christmas time.

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