Latest Telford Child Poverty Figures Released

Latest Telford Child Poverty Figures Released

The End Child Poverty coalition has published figures providing a new Child Poverty map of the UK. The new figures reveal that there are now places within the UK where more than half of children are growing up in poverty – compared to one in ten, in the areas with the lowest child poverty rates.

Nowhere in Telford gets to 50%, the closest is Woodside with 44%, after housing costs.

What is poverty?

Forget lack of access to clean water, a roof over your head, three meals a day and an iPhoneX, End Child Poverty’s measure is this; ‘Households are living in poverty if their household income (adjusted to account for household size,) is less than 60% of the average.’

This method means that there can be no end to child poverty, unless every household gets exactly the same income to the penny, whether its £50 a week or £5000 a week.

Any surprises in this list?

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