Opportunity to explore the structure of the iconic Iron Bridge confirmed

A unique opportunity to explore the structure of the iconic Iron Bridge confirmed!

The next phase of English Heritage’s Iron Bridge Conservation project has begun with the viewing platform taking shape in preparation for the next stage. This offers a one-off to get up close and learn about English Heritage’s major conservation project on the Iron Bridge. Hard Hat tours have also been confirmed which will offer the chance to join the contractor and gain a unique insight into the workbeing undertaken to repair and protect the Iron Bridge for the future.

The viewing gallery is expected to be opened to the public in the next month and will provide an opportunity to view the iron bridge’s iconic structure. Access to the platform will be free and hard hat tours will look to begin in April, which will be led by the engineers who are completing the renovations. Booking is essential for the hard hat tours and there will be a charge of £10. Details of how to book are available on English Heritage’s website.

English Heritage have also been engaging with volunteers to welcome visitors to the Bridge and there is still an opportunity to get involved from the end of this month through till September.

Cllr Nicola Lowery, Ward Member for the Ironbridge Gorge said: “We are now approaching an exciting phase of English Heritage’s major conservation programme that will allow both the local community and visitors to get closer to the bridge than they ever have before! We are now approaching the stage of the ironwork conservation which will see the different elements of the bridge the iron radials and braces holding the bridge together examined and repaired. We have been discussing the potential of the viewing platform and tours for some time and it would like to thank English Heritage for being so consultative with stakeholders as it is wonderful to see these ideas become a reality.

“As the Ward Member I continue to work closely with local businesses and it is hoped that this will provide an exciting attraction to both our local community and to visitors far and wide. The platform and tours will provide a golden opportunity to view the intricacies of the bridge’s pioneering single-span cast-iron structure that provided a turning point in British design and cemented the Gorge’s position as an industrial powerhouse”.

“The Gorge’s rich history never fails to enchant those that visit and I hope many will come to see this fascinating project develop over the coming months as we see one of our most important historical monuments restored to its former glory”.

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