20,000 Likes on Telford Live Facebook Page

20,000 Likes on Telford Live Facebook Page

And it’s all down to you. Thank you for being a part of it. Sit down, I’m going to blow a trumpet that belongs to me.

Due to the unique way Telford Live is funded, it’s run 100% by a very loose collective of contributors and volunteers anonymously, we are not in this for the accolades or awards.

The engagement per post is up to ten times that of the Shropshire Star, where we often beat them to a story, thanks to your tip offs, videos, pics and messages.

Many Facebook Pages are created as closed groups to give a sense of fear of missing out, but Telford Live has always been free to access by anyone at any time, so we might not be quite as big as Telford Sales but we don’t keep trying to flog you Pizza Costumes and our spelling is much better.

While it has the poorest engagement of all the content, we’re most proud of our unrivalled local political coverage, often live streaming the declarations of some of the smallest elections in the UK. Indeed, in St Georges earlier this year, we had more views of the stream than actual voters!

We love to break news and happy to feature guest contributions WITH links back to your site if you have one. Inbox is always open.

So thank you for being here, your encouragement, your insults, your contributions. You, make Telford Live.

What would you like to see more (or less!) of on Telford Live?

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