Appeal to return pet rabbit stolen from freezer.

Appeal to return pet rabbit stolen from freezer.

A Hadley resident is hearbroken after thieves made off with the family pet rabbit from a freezer in a garden outbuilding.

Claire-Joanne Ryley said ‘He meant a great deal to me I know people think he’s just a rabbit but he was part of the family for 11 years.”

“To the dirty scum who have been into our out house on Manor Road, Hadley stealing food out of our American freezer I hope your happy with yourself you have stolen my pet rabbit that we were saving up to get cremated and his ashes (it costs a fortune) this little boy was my pride and joy and was my sons rabbit who is had for 11 years now some disgusting human being has taken him and I’m heartbroken how dare you!!! ”

“And I spose once you found out what he was you’ve dumped him somewhere I don’t care what state he is in I want him back!!! You’ve also been through paperwork and other things in there you’re nothing but scum”

In an attempt to get the rabbit back, Clair asked “Drop the rabbit on my door step knock the door and leave I don’t care I just want him back”

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