New Daily Mirror grooming exclusive

New Daily Mirror grooming exclusive

Fresh grooming investigations, council hires PR expert to repair damage and Asian victims come forward.

“Until now, the abuse victims had been understood to be almost entirely white girls preyed on by Asian gangs.

But we have spoken to a number from both Indian and Pakistani backgrounds who were also targeted.

Some said they still cannot bring themselves to talk to police because they fear judgment and retribution.”

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2 thoughts on “New Daily Mirror grooming exclusive

  • August 4, 2018 at 10:33 pm

    The council have hired PR experts in the run up to elections at our expense to minimise the damage to their prospects. Labour and Tory politicians have been covering this up for years and we’re paying to try and save their reputations. Let’s hope these investigations get to the bottom of who knew, who was complicit in the cover-ups and actually changes something. I reported an attempted child abduction the other week and it took half an hour for a disinterested policeman to turn up and take the kid home!


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