Duck designers delight

Duck designers delight

This is a story that will melt your heart.

A young girl, Ellie, won a competition to design one of those large ducks and the design was brought to life by artist Traci Moss.

Ellie wanted to win the mini replica of the duck as a momento, so went along with her Grandma to the auction. Eventually they had to drop out of the bidding as the little C-ellie-brate duck eventually went for over £500.

Here’s the the twist: The winning bidder, local company PensionLite gave the mini duck to Ellie!


Read the full story here:

“When the auctioneer started his, ‘going once, going twice’ I don’t think any of us breathed until he clapped – “SOLD!” We met the designer, Ellie, plus her mother and grandmother; they’re all very proud, and rightfully so.”

As well as winning the giant duck the team at Pensionlite bid on the miniature version of Ellie’s design and gave it to her to take home.”

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