Legacy Fund Placed into Orbit

Legacy Fund Placed into Orbit

Since the former Clifton Cinema in Wellington closed in the 1960s, there has always been a community desire to provide a replacement for it: a central arts and culture establishment within Wellington. Thanks to help from the Council’s Telford 50 Legacy Fund and with the hard work of a dedicated group of volunteers, this is now being made possible.

Wellington Town Council is set to spend its allocation of £150,000 from the Telford 50 Legacy Fund to assist the Clifton Community Arts Centre (CCAC) in bringing back into use the vacant HSBC bank building in central Wellington, to be known as the Wellington Orbit and to transform it into a community facility, to serve Wellington and the borough.

The grant is part of a £750,000 scheme funded by the £2m Telford 50 Legacy fund, giving £150,000 to the borough’s five Town Councils, including Wellington.

The project will attract a match funding of at least £37,500, with more expected to be unlocked as a result of this major grant from the Borough Council.

In applying for the grant, Wellington Town Council chose The Orbit by the Clifton Community Arts Centre (CCAC) for its Telford 50 Legacy funding, after working with members of the community who have campaigned for nearly a decade for additional facilities in Wellington for leisure and cultural events but also for various workshops, exhibitions and rehearsal spaces.

As such, the building which has been unoccupied for over two years will undergo a major refurbishment to include a café/bar area and a 70 seat cinema on the ground floor as well as multi-purpose rooms on the upper floors and basement that community groups will be able to use.

The refurbished centre will provide opportunities for people to display art works and develop arts activities.

CCAC are in discussions with the contractor and work should start shortly with a view to opening the Centre in early 2019.

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