Telford Council Plan to to Increase Charging.

Telford Council Plan to to Increase Charging.

Relax! It’s about Electric Cars! Telford & Wrekin Council aims to support the creation of e a co-ordinated network of charging points for ultra-low emission vehicles to encourage residents to buy them.

Plan to create network of charging points for electric cars
It follows on from the government’s launch of its Road To Zero strategy earlier in the summer.

This includes plans for a massive expansion of green infrastructure, reduction in emissions of existing vehicles and a campaign to drive the uptake of zero emission cars, vans and trucks.

The council’s cabinet is being asked to approve a borough-wide strategy for ultra-low emission vehicles when it meets on September 13.

Registrations of electric cars rose to 4,000 per month during 2017 and it is expected that nearly all cars and vans will be zero emissions by 2050.

This rise is likely to lead to an increased demand in public charging points despite the expectation that most electric car owners will charge their vehicle at home overnight.

An enhanced public charging network will enable electric car owners who do not have access to off street parking to charge, while also allowing for longer journeys and address concerns about the range of such vehicles.

The proposed strategy aims to enable residents, visitors and businesses to use electric vehicles through ensuring a reliable, safe and convenient public charging network.

There are currently 18 charge point devices hosting 31 connection sockets at 11 different locations in Telford and Wrekin. The latest vehicle statistics held by the Department for Transport show that there are 172 ultra-low emission vehicles licensed in the borough.

Birmingham has the highest number of electric cars in the region with 1.93 per cent of vehicles being ultra-low emission. For Telford and Wrekin to match this, an additional 1,649 would need to be licensed – demonstrating the need for more investment in charging infrastructure.

What puts you off electric vehicles?

2 thoughts on “Telford Council Plan to to Increase Charging.

  • September 5, 2018 at 5:18 pm

    How far you can go before you have to find a charging point. Being made eventually to pay to install home charging point. The fact they’re almost guaranteed to break down and you have to fork out to pay a specialist to find a blown fuse. The increase in mot and serving costs as garages have to pay for mechanics to go on courses to address electric cars. If it costs me more in my pocket I’m not interested at all in electric cars

  • September 5, 2018 at 5:19 pm

    Where does the power come from to charge the cars?

    Oh yeah, refining oil and gas into electricity.


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