Council buys up New College Site

Council buys up New College Site

Having merged with TCAT to become Telford College, the site is currently vacant.

This is a large site in a key community and the Council taking on ownership will mean that it can be assured that the site’s future can complement and support Wellington’s wider regeneration.

The next steps will be to develop a masterplan for the redevelopment of the New College site over the coming months which will include continued consideration of proposals for education provision, including special school provision, alongside other complimentary uses.

The Council will also carry out further survey work and a further report will set out detailed proposals which will be developed with the involvement of the local community.

Council leader Shaun Davies said: “This is a very important site and has the potential to make a significant contribution through a mixed use development to support the regeneration of the area.

“This deal means that we can bring forward a development that fully considers the context of the local area to benefit the community in Wellington.”

What would you like to see on the site?

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