Deployment of Ironbridge Flood Barriers – 6am SUNDAY 17th March

Deployment of Ironbridge Flood Barriers – 6am SUNDAY 17th March

Due to the heavy rainfall in Wales, Telford & Wrekin Council have received early notification from the Environment Agency that the Flood Barriers will be deployed in Ironbridge at on Sunday 17th March. It is expected that this will be made public to all residents in Ironbridge signed up to the Environment Agency’s flood warning service, and the deployment will also be widely publicised on both the Environment Agency and Telford & Wrekin Council’s social media pages. Further information on flood warnings can be found here.

Prior to the deployment of the barriers Telford & Wrekin Council’s Engineering Teams will be in the Gorge today to set out no parking cones along the parking bays on the Wharfage, installing stoppers in the highway gullies, and setting up the diversion signage in preparation for the event.

During the deployment Telford & Wrekin Council will cease charging on all Council car parks in Ironbridge allowing residents to park in these for free.

The Wharfage will be closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic from 6am on Sunday morning. A copy of the vehicle and pedestrian diversion routes are attached to this email and will be publicised on the Council social media pages. Although the highway will be closed Telford & Wrekin Council will ensure that all businesses can remain open and operational during the deployment, and will ensure that the public are aware that Ironbridge is open for business as usual with clear signage along the diversion routes. Telford & Wrekin Council staff will be on site throughout the deployment to assist businesses and members of the public wherever possible.

Cllr Nicola Lowery, Borough Councillor for the Ironbridge Gorge said: “The Environment Agency have confirmed today their decision to deploy the flood barriers on Sunday 17th March and preparations are today being put in place in Ironbridge. Every effort is being made to limit disruption locally and I would like to thank every officer that will be out this weekend working to ensure our community remains safe. I am sure as ever everyone in our community will work together to make sure we are prepared and we have every measure in place”.

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