Lucy Allan to vote for Withdrawal Agreement.

Lucy Allan to vote for Withdrawal Agreement.

Telford MP, Lucy Allan said today she would support the agreement to get out of the EU earlier.

“In the last few days we have seen a Remain dominated Parliament hijack the Brexit process, blocking no deal, proposing various new options, creating more delay and uncertainty for our country and for my constituents.

What is clear for all to see is that if we are to leave at all, it must be now. I have listened to what my residents have had to say throughout this process. It is clear that some form of Brexit now, is infinitely preferable to many more years of indecision and argument.

We have had three years of this. This cannot go on. Whatever we think of it, if the Withdrawal Agreement is not passed, it is now clear we would have years of uncertainty and indecision which would be detrimental to our country, the economy and to Telford.

For this reason, I will support the Withdrawal Agreement so that we can leave and move on. I do not support the indicative votes process and will be abstaining on this vote. The last thing we need is a menu of multiple options on how Brexit might be done, this is a certain route to more delay. We need certainty and closure. We need to leave and we need to leave now. It’s time to move on.”

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