Wellington protest postponed

Wellington protest postponed

The English Defence League have announced that the protest due to take place in Church St, Wellington tomorrow has been postponed.

Their statement in full:

‘Due to the mass murder at two mosques in New Zealand today, 15 March 2019, the committee has made the very hard decision to suspend tomorrow’s demonstration in Wellington, Telford, UK.

The police have been informed.

We make this decision out of respect for the grieving family and friends of those murdered by an ideologically driven individual in New Zealand. At the present time 49 people were murdered and 20 people injured.

Our Statement makes clear the distinctions we make between Muslims as individuals and the ideology of Islam. Muslims are not just a part of Islam but are individuals with their own choices to make in life and conscience, just like non-Muslims.

From our Statement:
We…reject the unjust assumption that all Muslims are complicit in or somehow responsible for the actions of other Muslims. So we stand firm in support of the right of both Muslims and non-Muslims to speak freely about these actions and encroachments.

The despicable actions of this individual in New Zealand are not reflective of our way of working or thinking. As the world finds out more about the motivation of this person they will see that his way, and the way of all right-thinking, moral people differ as light differs from dark.

To give the local Muslim community and other people time to reflect on these tragic events we suspended our planned demonstration. We reiterate that we abhor what has happened in New Zealand and condemn those who have perpetuated this pain and suffering on innocent people.

By suspending our demonstration, however, we are not abandoning our purpose of calling attention to the dangers of radical Islam.

From our Statement:
The EDL promotes the understanding of Islam and the implications for non-Muslims forced to live alongside it. Islam is not just a religious system; it is practised as a political and social ideology.

But there is a time and place for everything. Radical Islam is the danger to our Society, not innocent Muslims going about their usual daily affairs.

We encourage the resolution of our differences through non-violent means, and always have.

The EDL committee will convene and set another date for our return to Wellington.”

One thought on “Wellington protest postponed

  • March 15, 2019 at 7:22 pm

    I hope they don’t come back to our area – ever! Behind these weasel words they are a racist organisation which seeks to create division and hatred. It is precisely this kind of group that encourages race hatred and perpetuates ignorance and division in our society and which at its most extreme end produces the kind of sick individuals who undertake this kind of massacre of innocent people.


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