New Stray Dog Service Provider for Telford

New Stray Dog Service Provider for Telford

Since the beginning of this month, Hilbrae Rescue Kennels has been the new provider of the service on behalf of Telford & Wrekin Council.

Hilbrae, based in Cold Hatton, previously provided the kennelling service. Under the new contract, they will collect a reported stray dog, scan it for a microchip and look after it until the owner is found.

Angie Astley, Assistant Director – Customer & Neighbourhood Services at Telford & Wrekin Council, said: “Hilbrae is an established kennels with whom the Council has worked well in the past. It has now taken on all aspects of dealing with stray and roaming dogs. It has also taken over the storage and distribution of the Council’s stock of free dog poop scoop bags to more than 50 shops, offices and centres across the borough. Members of the public can help themselves to the free bags from any of these participating venues.”

Marty Burrell of Hilbrae Kennels said: “Our aim will continue to be to return stray dogs to their owners as soon as possible. It is important that all dogs wear a collar with tag while in a public place, that it is micro-chipped and that the contact details are kept up to date. No stray dogs are put to sleep unless on the advice of our vet. They stay with us until homes can be found.”

Pic: Brandy

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