Lost: Locket with great sentimental value

Lost: Locket with great sentimental value

Amanda has lost a silver locket at some point today in Telford.

The locket contains a lock of her late husband’s hair and she wears it every day. It isn’t of much value financially but its loss is devastating in terms of the sentiment.

In Telford today, Amanda has been working at Dawley Social Club and at the Park Lane Centre in Woodside. She also filled up with petrol at the BP garage in Wellington.

The locket is silver with three small flowers on the front. This is a real long shot but maybe someone has found it. Thank you for sharing. REWARD FOR FINDING THE LOCKET

One thought on “Lost: Locket with great sentimental value

  • May 24, 2019 at 5:50 pm

    So sad – hope it is found and returned safely to the lady x


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