New McDonalds site ‘Not popular with Vegans’

New McDonalds site ‘Not popular with Vegans’

Newport is to get it’s first McDonalds restaurant on the A41 near Aldi, but not everyone is lovin’ it.

In comments left on the planning application, Newport Town Council suggested that vegans in the town would not appreciate the Golden Arches opening up.

Surprisingly, there were few other objections, however one resident commented ” If this is for Macdonalds then we dont need one! There is pne not far away which attracts rubbish to the area and gangs of children. I do not want my children to be tempted by this american food chain on their doorstep and being right next to burton borough will make it hard to ignore. We are not telford please let us stsy a nice liitle town with independent shops….don’t need corporate chains of shops we have all these in telford town centre”

McDonalds are looking to open 300 new restaurants over the next 10 years, and if you suggest a site and they use it, you can get a £20,000 bounty.

If you fancy buying a franchise, you’ll need £100k.

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