Steam Train heading for the Gorge – best place to see it.

Steam Train heading for the Gorge – best place to see it.

Sunday 9th of June, keep an eye out for for a blast from the past. The Clun Castle steam train will be in town. The best place to see the train will be as it steams over the viaduct in Coalbrookdale, where there is also reasonable parking.

Please note that several changes have been made to site operations for Sunday to enable the Green Wood Centre to operate as normally as possible in the light of the planned steam run.

We are aware of the likely level of interest and consequently have taken prudent steps to ensure that green wood craft training planned for the day can proceed and that the cafe is able to operate (please see the cafe FB page for detail of their arrangements).

Please note the car park will be closed all day on Sunday apart for staff and course attendees. We have had to take this decision as the car park simply would not cope with the likely levels of interest and as we only have limited space from which people will be able to view any part of the train safely.

It is particularly important that anyone planning a visit should also note the steam locomotive will not be visible from the Green Wood Centre. From information we have received the Clun Castle will be at the uphill end of the train and that the only part of the train visible from the Green Wood Centre will be the Diesel locomotive which will be at the downhill end.

If visiting the Green Wood Centre on Sunday, please be advised that the nearest parking will be at Dale End and when on site please follow the marked routes to get around the site. Some footpaths will be closed, as training courses are taking place during the day and the training area is not open to the public for health and safety reasons.

Finally we are all very excited to see steam coming down the line into Coalbrookdale and we’ll be out with cameras along with everyone else. Well done to all those who have made this possible.

5 thoughts on “Steam Train heading for the Gorge – best place to see it.

  • June 8, 2019 at 10:40 pm

    There won’t be much parking anywhere in Coalbrookdale, there’s an event at the Community Center, as there is at The Greenwood Center, so parking will be very restricted.
    The ‘Park & Ride’ from the top of Jiggers Bank will probably be the best bet.


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