Should you give End of Year Teachers gifts?

Should you give End of Year Teachers gifts?

Proms, tiny graduations and end of year teachers gifts. Among the many imports from the US of A that have become traditions over here, but are they welcome?

I asked three teachers what they thought about end of year gifts from their students.

Mrs A said ‘While I’m grateful for any gift, if I am asked, I always say that they shouldn’t buy anything but I do like home made cards’

Mr B said ‘There is a limit to how many Best Teacher mugs can fit in the staff room. If parents don’t want to buy a gift, that’s absolutely fine. They shouldn’t feel like we would think any less of anyone for not buying a gift.’

Mrs C said ‘It’s lovely when we get small personal or handmade cards. A couple of years ago I had a badge that a student had made saying “Because of you, I love maths’ and I still have that.’

A Nationwide Building Society survey of 2000 parents in 2017, suggests that each Teacher gets around £300 in gifts and the average spend is just under £10 per gift.

Do you think that Teachers gifts are a good way of showing your appreciation, or do you dread shopping for your childs teacher?

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