You must be jo-ho-ho-king

You must be jo-ho-ho-king

The kids have been back barely a day, they haven’t even had chance to scuff their box-fresh Clarkes shoes or have a protractor stolen, and the shops are turning their attention to Christmas.

Staff have been stocking the shelves of Telfords Tesco supermarket with tins of festive biscuits, in seasonal packaging. Nothing says Christmas like a pair of stags, a Robin, and a cute Westie looking very much like a bewildered Brian Harvey in that famous East 17 video.

We all know that the Christmas Tree in Wetherspoons, promoting the £6.99 three-course Yuletide dinner, with a free non-EU drink thrown in, is just days away.

It won’t be long before I’m loading up the Coke Truck itinerary webpage and smashing the F5 button, to bring you the most important seasons greetings.

Is it too soon to start flogging this stuff?

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