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Telford History

  • History: Telford – Your Opportunity
    Another gem from the collection of John Steele and contributed by Michelle Jones. A promotional booklet for Telford from 1972. […]
  • Telford at 50: Part Two of The Telford Story
    Telford at 50: Part Two of The Telford Story This week […]
  • Raiders of the Lost Telford Art
    There are some visual landmarks that I think might disappear over the next few years. Some almost gone already, so I thought I would capture them while I could. […]
  • History: C&A in Telford
    We all like to reminisce about Telford, and all it takes is something in the back of a drawer or a loft clear out to get the memories flooding back. […]
  • Hidden Telford
    Telford is full of industry & civil engineering. This can provide some excellent photo opportunities or just great walks. […]
  • History: Telford, A Marvellous Way of Life
    The year is 1976, and Telford Development Corporation (TDC) need to get businesses on the ground employing people that are filling up estates such as Brookside, Stirchley, Woodside and Sutton Hill over the past few years. […]
  • RIP Ironbridge Power Station
    From it's dominating position on the banks of the River Severn, today the Ironbridge Power Station cooling towers will run cold and breathe steam no more. […]

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