Telford History

  • the telford squidOn the Trail of the Telford Squid
    Every once in a while, you hear about some tunnels that lead from some old manor house to a nearby church or somesuch. More often than not, it’s complete hogwash but near Telford Shopping Centre there is such a tunnel. […]
  • Country Magazine Throws Up Local Link
    Country Magazine Throws Up Local Link A music […]
  • Hidden Telford
    Telford is full of industry & civil engineering. This can provide some excellent photo opportunities or just great walks. […]
  • ATV News Footage of Early Telford
    Some film from the fabulous MACE archive of Telford in the 60s, 70s and 80s. […]
  • RIP Ironbridge Power Station
    From it's dominating position on the banks of the River Severn, today the Ironbridge Power Station cooling towers will run cold and breathe steam no more. […]
  • Angelo Cosco, outside Angelos Chip Shop in 1970The Best Chip Shop in Telford
    I asked twitter if anyone remembered Angelos Chippy at Little Dawley. The chip shop was legendary. […]
  • Raiders of the Lost Telford Art
    There are some visual landmarks that I think might disappear over the next few years. Some almost gone already, so I thought I would capture them while I could. […]

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