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We love to hear your Telford stories.  If you want to contribute to the site please read the 2 minute guide and then get writing.  If you just want to suggest a person we should interview, or think you should be interviewed, then you can let us know here too.

Submitting your Article, Review or Interview

Ideal length is around 200 to 500 words for a single article or review.  We cannot accept reviews of your own business I’m afraid, and we haff vays of finding you out! Why not ask for someone to visit your premises to do a review?  We don’t accept free stuff or payment to do reviews – sorry.

If you want to let people know about about an event that’s happening, you have a job available, then take a look here.

Each one needs a photo really.  Minimum width 600px but anything bigger we can crop down.  If you don’t have a photo, we have access to a library of Telford photos so we can probably find something suitable so just ask if you are struggling.   We’d rather have the article and find a pic for you, than no article.

Don’t worry if you think your English isn’t up to scratch.  We have volunteers with spell check.

If there is an interesting subject that’s far too long to be edited down, we might think about doing a series of articles around that subject, so submit it anyway.

Here are few ideas if you are short on inspiration for an article:
Restaurant/Takeaway/Shop/Garage/Tradesman review
Find someone you think will be interesting to email interview like a local author/celeb/business person/sports person.  Ask them some interesting questions, then send them to us.

Finally, two golden rules.

1) It must have a connection to Telford!  

2) We won’t publish a blatant advert for your business.

Go on, fill in the boxes boxes below, and blow us away!

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Although we cannot promise to publish everything we get, we promise that a human will acknowledge every one.  Any questions?  email

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