Who to vote for in Telford

Your choice on the ballot paper for the Telford Constituency

Alan Adams – Reform UK

I am a Telford native. Born and bred in Oakengates, I went to local schools, served in the Royal Navy as a Submariner from the age of 17, and then worked as an Engineer in factories across the borough. I understand hard work and have deep roots in our community.

My grandad fed the kilns at Blockleys Bricks, my mum worked for the company building the M54, and I remember Telford town centre when it was not much more than a Carrefour. I’ve been a proud part of Telford’s growth and evolution.

A vote for me is a vote for common sense. For values and morals and doing the right thing. It’s a vote for a smaller state, lower taxes, and less red tape. For encouraging and celebrating success. For freedom of speech for all. And for a Britain that’s Great, but that could be so much greater for us all.

John Adams – Green Party

John Adams is standing as the Green Party parliamentary candidate in Telford.

He came to live in Shropshire in 1987 to study Agriculture and subsequently worked at Harper Adams University for over 20 years until 2018. In the 2019 general election he represented the Green Party in North Shropshire and now lives in Stirchley. 


Hannah Campbell – Conservative

Meet Hannah Campbell, a dynamic Conservative activist ready to represent Telford with a vision shaped by her early engagement in activism and dedication to community service. Inspired by volunteering with teens, Hannah is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all, transcending mere slogans to embody conservatism in action.

For the past decade, Hannah’s impact has been evident in the creation of thousands of job opportunities through apprenticeships. Beyond employment, she envisions Telford as a vibrant community with excellent amenities. Committed to continued investment and wise use of funds, she’ll fight for Telford’s share of HS2 funding and protect local NHS services.

Shaun Davies – Labour

Currently leader of Telford & Wrekin Council, and Chair of the Local Government Association, Shaun Davies grew up in Malinslee and studied Law at University. On his return to Telford he became a local councillor in Dawley and Malinslee, eventually chairing Great Dawley Town Council.

After a period of practicing criminal law for a number of local firms, Shaun became a Borough Councillor before giving up his legal career to lead Telford and Wrekin Council, having been elected as the youngest Council Leader in England.

Shaun has a wife and family, and lives in Dawley, Telford.

Jo McKenna – Liberal Democrats

As a Consultant Orthopeadic Surgeon, Jo McKenna is passionate about our NHS. Jo understands first-hand the pressures faced by our hardworking doctors and nurses every day.

Jo is outraged by the Conservative Government’s decision to rubber stamp the closure of the Accident and Emergency Department at Princess Royal Hospital, and replace it with an Urgent Care Centre. Telford will be the largest town in England without an A&E department.

Jo McKenna backs the Lib Dem plan for the NHS, including the recruitment of 8,000 more GPs and the reform of NHS dentistry, so we can all get a doctor or dentist appointment more easily.

“Healthy children can learn, healthy teachers can teach, healthy people can work. The Conservative government has destroyed the NHS and left it a hollowed out shell. I stand not just for Telford but for the NHS and all those who work for it and need it.”