Who to vote for in The Wrekin

Your choice on the ballot paper for The Wrekin Constituency

Richard Leppington – Reform UK

Richard Leppington lives in Allscott in the Wrekin constituency.

He is a family man with children and grandchildren.

He has run his own small business for over forty years. This means that he knows how hard it is for ordinary people to keep a roof over their head and to put food on the table.

He has been a County and District councillor for ten years. This means that he is experienced in representing his own community.

He was a member of UKIP and the Brexit Party and played an active role in the Leave campaign.

Richard’s leisure interests including walking his dog in the countryside. He is a keen supporter of Shrewsbury Rugby Club. His other hobbies include history, politics and investing.

He is a Christian and a regular attender at his local church.

Anthony Lowe – Liberal Democrats

Former Mayor of Wellington, Anthony Lowe, moved to the area in 1989, with his wife, Julie. They had a smallholding outside Waters Upton for 20 years, at various times keeping geese, hens, sheep, goats, pony, donkeys and dogs. Since 2014, they have lived in Wellington.

Anthony is currently a Wellington Town Councillor and has chaired Wellington Literary and Arts Festival for three years.

Protecting our A&E department at Princess Royal Hospital  is one of Anthony’s top priorities for our local area.

“I believe that the first task of an MP for The Wrekin is to be available and to be a dedicated listener to, and representative of, all those who are lucky enough to live in this vibrant constituency.”

Pat McCarthy – Green Party

Pat has lived in Wellington for 25 years, served as a chair of his residents’ association and as a Town Councillor and worked in a variety of community development roles. Pat has been co-ordinator of Telford and Wrekin Green Party for 8 years. He is a Shared Lives carer and volunteers for Wellington ecargo bike delivery scheme.

Your vote will only make a difference if the party you vote for will make a difference:

Will that party prevent our NHS collapsing.
Will they stop rent and mortgages rising to unaffordable levels.
Will they stop sewage and dangerous chemicals being dumped into our rivers.
Will they stop the cost of living nightmare.
Will they do anything about our climate chaos.

Candidates from the other parties say they are listening to your concerns but none are prepared to stand up to power and wealth to pay for the solutions.

Only the Green Party has a plan to tax the millionaires and excess profits in order to make the changes that really will make a difference.

If you want real change you know what to do – vote Green!

Mark Pritchard – Conservative

Mark has lived in Shropshire for the last 22 years. He is married to Tamuna and has one daughter and one step-daughter.

He was first elected in The Wrekin at the 2005 election.  

After leaving school, Mark studied theology. He then gained two Master’s degrees in International Diplomacy, Marketing & Management, and a post-graduate Diploma in Marketing (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and a Diploma in Public Relations from the (Institute of Public Relations).

Before entering Parliament in 2005, Mark ran a successful marketing business – advising a range of blue-chip clients and international businesses. He continues to run his own business, which he says “keeps me rooted in the real world – not just in the Westminster bubble”.

Mark’s hobbies include tennis, writing on economic and foreign policy issues, and comedy. A keen footballer, Mark played one match for Hereford United Reserves – and still plays for the Parliamentary football team.

Chris Shipley – Independent

I am running as an independent candidate to free myself from the shackles of party politics. As your MP, I will be able to evaluate the merits of policies from all sides of the political spectrum and reject bad policies without the pressure of party whips. Independence means not getting sucked into the Westminster bubble, ensuring that the people of the Wrekin are my only priority.

A little about myself: I am not a professional politician. I am running this campaign while working full-time as an office temp. I have experience working in retail, delivering groceries, and laboring on construction sites. I know firsthand how hard everyday people work. A vote for me means you will have a representative who is NOT out of touch with the realities of daily life. I am committed to listening to your concerns and fighting for what truly matters to our community.

Together, we can bring genuine change to the Wrekin, focusing on local issues and making our voices heard in Westminster.

Roh Yakobi – Labour

From Taliban captivity and torture as a 12-year-old child to arriving here as a refugee and reaching where I am today, I owe everything I have to this wonderful country. 

I am determined to pay back what I owe. This election is an opportunity to put an end to 14 years of Tory chaos. It is time for change and a fresh start for our country. 

This election is an opportunity to put an end to 14 years of Tory chaos. It is time for change and a fresh start for our country. It is time for stability with Labour.

It is time for stability with Labour. Over the coming weeks, I will work tirelessly to earn the trust of voters of in The Wrekin.