Telford History

Telfords Lost Pubs

Telford has grown up quickly, and building have come and gone.  Many buildings have disappeared without a murmur, but when pubs go, well that’s different.

Champion Jockey, Donnington

Harry Pope ( is a local photographer with a broad range of subjects and on my Flickr favourites.

Summer House, Hadley

What are your memories of the missing pubs of Telford?

6 thoughts on “Telfords Lost Pubs

  • White horse heath hill baz and sue

  • So many in Madeley alone..the original Cuckoo Oak, The Prince of Wales (once stood where the traffic island at the bottom of the High Street is) The Royal Oak (now a takeaway I believe), The Three Horseshoes and The Commercial (both knocked down to build the concrete shopping precinct in the 60s), The Anchor (now a funeral home?), The Park Inn…

  • Wednesday karAoke in the championship jockey Donnington used to be a banging night packed out every week miss it and all the locals that went there

  • I’d like to see more go and just have them centralised around the Town Centre. That way at least they’d be full. Bit dull going for a night out in an empty pub.

    • But you don’t drink do you Andy. Just stick to your tax dodging coffee outlets.


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