Telford History: Glynwedd Sports & Social


Work hard, play hard. Glynwedd had a social club and this photo is a sixties band entertaining the audience.

That’s not your Dad in the photo is it?

3 thoughts on “Telford History: Glynwedd Sports & Social

  • The guy on the left is Les Darrell; Drummer is Bruce Holcroft: I think the guy on the right was ? Horton (can’t remember Christian name). All were pupils at Coalbrookdale County High School.

  • Yes, that’s my Dad on the left!

    The band is the fabulous Van-dels!! Right to left Pat Horton, Clive Roberts, Bruce Holcroft and Les Darrall.

    • Yes that’s Bruce on drums can I send pic to him Bruce will be suprised


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