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Using Social Media to Promote Events

Social Media is essential for getting people to your event. That’s it. It’s essential. Social media is all about sharing and following these steps will ensure that you get the widest audience. Best of all, other than your time, it’s pretty much free.

I’ve seen so many bad attempts I thought I’d put together this list of great things to do. The secret is to make it as easy as possible for people to share and as easy as possible for people to be a part of your great event.

1) Start Early.
Don’t leave it until the night before to try and drum up awareness. Plan ahead, and depending on your event letting people know 6 months ahead is a good idea, ramping up activity as the date approaches. Set up your Facebook event or page, and twitter account and don’t be shy! If you don’t ask you don’t get.

2) Create an e-flyer.
On Twitter and Facebook, people share images much more than simple text only posts. Even if you are not getting anything printed spend some time or a few quid getting a quality graphic made. While you’re at it, create yourself a hashtag too. Shorter the better, but something unique. #Funday is no good, neither is #DawleyCharitySundayFunday2015. #DawleyFunday would be better. Put it on the flyer too.

3) Include essential information.
Don’t laugh, I’ve seen flyers with dates & locations missing. Make sure you include:

-The date, time and location. Include a post code, and a map if it’s hard to find. Don’t forget the end time too.
-Entry fee or Free entry. No one likes suprises on the gate.
-What people can expect to find when they get there.
-If it’s a charity event, use their logo (get permission) and put the Charity number on.
-Put the most important information in the middle of the image. On twitter, people have to click to see the top and bottom.
-Add a phone number/email/website for the organiser. Reply to your messages!

4) Share. Don’t Stop.
Look out for local whats on guides and websites. Send your e-flyer and a text description to them. Text helps with search engines and when people search the website. A flyer makes it look nice.

5) Recruit help. Share some more.
Find accounts with lots of followers to help you publicise. Some groups on Facebook let you post adverts, but if in doubt message the admin. Find influentional twitter accounts and tag them in the flyer. DM them to ask if they will help spread the word. Be nice.

Also encourage those coming to share the flyer, especially any venues, musicians or stall holders. If you are using your personal social media accounts, make sure your privacy settings don’t prevent people RTing or sharing your updates. If you ask for Shares and RTs you’ll get more than if you don’t.

6) Persevere.
Keep going. Find different things to say, don’t just keep posting the flyer. A series of reveals or an online launch event can be used to keep the rythmn. Use your personality to make your messages interesting. Don’t be afraid to try an advert on Facebook or twitter, it’s cheap. Also, people log onto social media at all different times. Spread your messages throughout.

7) On the day.
Post behind the scenes pics, make sure people know how great it is. There are always lots of last minute people who might just come down.  Consider using Periscope, Vine or Facebook video to ram that message home!

Not getting the results you’d hoped for? Here are three reasons why people won’t help.

1) You tweet lots of people at the same time with the same message. Don’t do this.

@telfordlive Please take a look at this event and RT it
@Shropshirestar Please take a look at this event and RT it
@Shropshirelive Please take a look at this event and RT it

2) You ask for an RT, but your account is set to private.

You expect me to donwload your image, re-write your tweet, and attach the image? I might, but I may well find something easier to do, like look at a few more

3) You link Facebook with Twitter. Twitter people rarely click a link to Facebook if it’s tagged on the end of an unfinished sentance. It looks wrong, it is wrong. Don’t be wrong.

Got any more tip?  Leave them below…

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