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Community Action Plan for St Georges

St Georges is on the eastern edge of Telford, heading out towards Sherrifhales and Cannock. The area is steeped in local working class industrial heritage and once had a thriving shopping community.  A group of residents have formed a group with the aims of identifying what residents and visitors love about St Georges, and, what they would like to do in order to make it a better and safer place to live and visit.  This became the St Georges Community Group, one of 115 such projects selected for The Community Development Foundations First Steps Programme in June 2015.  St Georges has already had a boost recently with saving the Gower building from developers and and with over £600,000 from Telford & Wrekin Council.

Louise Bremner, part of the group said ‘First Steps has been a great programme of support, training and encouragement with constructive and positive feedback’

The community action plan is packed with historical information relating to how the area became what it is today, but more importantly, has captured the aspirations and desires from the residents through a programme of engagement.  There will be no surprise that the residents want things like safer roads and better local services, but specific wishes like allotment space and an outside gym also feature on the wish list, which the group are feeding in to projects like Pride in Your High Street, Parish Council meetings and other public bodies.

The group have already started running events and produce newsletters.  Have a look at their active Facebook page and they are also on Twitter.

Download the Plan (10mb PDF)




3 thoughts on “Community Action Plan for St Georges

  • Thanks for putting this up on your web site Telford Live .

    Just so everyone know’s it is The Gower Heritage & Enterprise Group, Telford & Wrekin Council and Parish Council that are working towards regeneration of The Gower

    If anyone would like to feedback on the plan and/ or get involved in the planning of projects we have in the pipeline please get in touch on our social media links or email

    Many thanks,

    St Georges Community Group
    ❤️St Georges

  • If you would like to find out more about The St Georges Community Action Plan please have a read through and take part in our fun questionnaire.

    Link for the Community Action a Plan can be found in Telford’s Live write up above and link for action plan questionnaire below :-

    Have fun

  • Hi Telford Live,

    Thank-you for enabling St Georges Community Action Plan to be linked onto your web site over the past year. We have been able to use this link many times to share and promote our community work.

    Please see below a summary update of our Community Action Plan and an invitation for the community to attend future meetings.

    Dear St Georges Residents and Visitors,

    We would like to thank everyone who has shown an interest or got involved in our Community Action Plan Review updates and events over the past 2 months. We have had an amazing response from everyone organising, supporting and/or contributing to the following activities and would like to thank all individuals, groups and organisations for letting us be involved and / or encouraging our work :-

    ~ St Georges Community Group Action Plan Review Meeting – March (13 residents attended)

    ~ Attendance at Wrekin Studies Forum Community History Day (lot’s of community member’s interested and contributing to the North Telford Heritage Trail Idea)

    ~ Attendance at West Midlands Butterfly Conservation Event (Severn Gorge Countryside Trust)

    ~ Albion / New St Walkway, Butterfly Wild Flower Seed Plant & Tidy Up with support from WM Butterfly Conservation representative (21 people attended)

    ~ Eden Community Camp 4 Day Training Event (2 St Georges Community Group Residents attending with 60 other community activitists from across the country)

    ~ Site meetings around St Georges with Residents and Telford & Wrekin Council Environment, Pride and Pathways Officers

    ~ Albion St Mini “Big Lunch” organised by St Georges Community Group Treasurer, Barbara Dempsey (approx 50 St Georges residents and visitors attending throughout the afternoon)

    At present we have lots of projects being juggled in the air and if you would like to get involved in anyway please tell us how you can.

    We have 2 meetings planned at Turnpike Court, New St, St Georges and you would all be welcome to join us:-

    Thursday 4th May 6.30-8pm : Agenda – Guest speaker – Eden Project Area Development Officer, Diana Vogtel, Mini Big Lunch Review and future event, North Telford Heritage Trail – Past & Future Spaces & Places Update, St Georges Butterfly Count Summer Activity Dates, Accessible Pathways in St Georges.

    Thursday 1st June 6.30-8pm : Agenda – Guest Speaker – Liz Roger’s West Midlands Butterfly Conservation – Butterfly Count Training, St Georges Community Group Project’s Update.

    Please let us know if you can attend so that we can cater and arrange the room for you. Complimentary refreshments will be available.

    Have a great May Bank Holiday

    Kindest Regards,

    Louise Bremner (Secretary) & Barbara Dempsey (Treasurer)

    On behalf of St Georges Community Group Chairperson Norman Ogden


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