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Telford Billboard Causes Confusion

A new billboard in Telford is making residents scratch their heads.

The advertising hoarding is a simple one.  It just features the words ‘Legal Name Fraud  – The Truth – It’s Illegal to use a Legal Name’, in bold capitals and no clue as to what it’s for or who put it up there.  Telford isn’t alone.  These Orwellian hoardings have been seen in towns & cities across the country this year.

So what are they?  Well, they are not EU Referendum posters gone wrong. What isn’t as interesting as why.  The message is about having  a legal name makes you property of the state, not a new message, it’s been discussed by conspiracy theorists since the internet forum was created and probably the subject of an underground magazine or activists pamphlet before that.  If you are interested, this might give you more information.  Still confused? Don your tinfoil hat and have a look on Youtube for ‘legal name fraud’.

The Paypal Donate button suggests that donations are paid to an outfit called MaEiOu International Inc N.V.  The N.V. or NV suffix is used in the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, Dutch West Indies, Indonesia, Curacao, St. Maarten and Aruba.  Socking it to the Man.

Give them their dues, they are industrious. They have a 7 day a week radio which I’ll admit to not having heard but would safely assume very little Justin Bieber airplay which makes is somewhat more likely I would.

Legal Name Fraud Radio

More interesting is why someone would pay money to erect these adverts all around the UK?  If it’s to raise awareness, then I guess it might be judged a success.

5 thoughts on “Telford Billboard Causes Confusion

  • unless you have it in writing you have no “legal” standing, you don’t have express written permission to engage in legal process nor do you have express written permission to use the Crown authored legal fiction name that appears on a birth certificate. Google it if you don’t understand or is that too hard to get your head around as well?

    • That’s right unless you have a BAR Card and have crossed the BAR only then do you have permission to use legal documentation copy righted by the Crown established for all things legal in the private Legal Guild.

      Just because an illegal act is not punished does not make it legal?

      Try and take a book written by someone else and claim you are the author and sell it and see how fast copy right infringement is addressed.

  • That sounds like a load of nonsense to me.

  • This “New Age” CULT is run by CONVICTED CRIMINAL, Wilfred Keith Thompson of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He is a 52 year old CROSS-DRESSER who goes by the pseudonym “Kate of Gaia”.

    The website itself is run by Francis Auger of Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. Auger himself is currently in the court system facing CRIMINAL charges.

    It is interesting to note as well that MaEiOu in “MaEiOu International Inc.” is Kate of Gaia code for “MAY I OWE YOU” !!!


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