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Brexit Party in The Wrekin select their PPC

Dr Christian Lucas has been selected to represent the Brexit Party in The Wrekin constituency.

Telford Live caught up with Dr Lucas at the Brexit Party Rally in Telford on Friday 20th September for an exclusive interview.

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18 thoughts on “Brexit Party in The Wrekin select their PPC

  • What I don’t understand is how can you represent this area if you don’t even live in it. Wouldnt it make more sense if you lived there and you were representing your own town/area ?

  • Latter Day Saints should believe in the Spirit of Union !!! A House Divided against itself will Not Stand !!!

  • whats this chap a Dr. of? i’d have thought a medical Dr. in the NHS would be worried about the potential shortages of medication following (no deal) Brexit which lots of well placed professionals have said is a very real risk.

  • Yet again, someone trying to play politics who isn’t from, or doesn’t understand the area

  • Wow. Amazes me that someone gets name called and ridiculed for having the courage to stand up and try to make a difference, whilst so called political experts hide behind Facebook. I’ve known Christian Mosiah Lucas for a year and have found him to be intelligent, respectful, hard working and a decent man. To see the unpleasant and unfounded comments he’s getting on here is hard to accept.

  • Bad move, shouldn’t be standing in marginal Conservative seats like Telford, could easily split the vote and hand power to Labour


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