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Could you run Madeley Post Office?

Could you run Madeley Post Office?

Russell Square in Madeley has seen many changes over the last few years, but could the Post Office be part of it's history instead of its future?

A Post Office spokesperson, said: “The operator for Madeley Post Office has recently resigned and the premises that we do not own, will be withdrawn for Post Office next October. The shop where the Post Office is based is also closing.

“We understand how important a Post Office is to a community and we are committed to providing a Post Office in the area. We are looking at ways to provide Post Office services.

Any retailer interested in incorporating a Post Office in their premises should email or 0333 345 5560, then select option 2. The vacancy will soon be advertised on

8 thoughts on “Could you run Madeley Post Office?

  • All our banks and post offices are disappearing. They all want us to go up the Telford Centre everytime we need to sort our accounts out..

    • So another nail in the Coffin of one the Original communities in East Shropshire. Telford is bullying the rest of the area into submission, aided and abetted by many of the councillors on Wrekin Council. I strongly believe that the people of the area use their historical Town Centres of Oakengates, Madeley, Ironbridge, Dawley and Newport.
      Telford is just a indoor shopping Mall, like the Bull Ring in Birmingham, or the Arndale Centre in Manchester architectural blotts.

  • If someone isn’t found to take it over, Madeley Town Council will do everything they can to stop it.

    At the last meeting I was at, we were discussing it and I think we all agree it needs to stay.

  • I love Madeley need more places to eat lad wants a Mac Donald’s lol should of built that instead of silly kfc weather spoons would be nice at least we got a alidi


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