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Telford Chopping Mall shows horror flick.

Telford Chopping Mall shows horror flick.

The closed shopping centre will host a screening of ‘Chopping Mall’ alongside Trash Film Club, a regular Midlands-based cinema night celebrating the very finest ‘so-bad-they’re-good’ movies around.

If you’re going to enlist three hi-tech robots to protect your shopping mall, make sure that there’s no way a freak lightning storm can frazzle their circuits and transform them into very well-armed killers. That’s the rather obvious lesson offered up by trashy 80s horror Chopping Mall, which this October gets what (we assume) is its very first UK screening in an actual shopping mall.

The screening comes complete with live commentary from hosts Luke and David during the film to guide you through some of the cheesier moments.

The film will be showing on Saturday 19 October at 8.30pm at Telford Centre. Tickets cost just £7 (concessions £5) and can be bought online. Alternatively call the box office on 01952 382 382.

Telford Film Festival, which is being organised in partnership with Flatpack Projects who are part of Film Hub Midlands.
Visit to see the full film programme.

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