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Telford MP launches legal challenge appeal

Telford MP launches legal challenge appeal

Lucy Allan, MP for Telford has today launched a crowdfunded appeal to enable top law firm, Irwin Mitchell LLP to investigate FutureFit proposals.

From the appeal, Lucy gives the rationale 'We have been fighting to save our A&E and Women & Children's Centre at Telford's Princess Royal Hospital for 6 years. In that time NHS management have been devising a plan called Future Fit, which our community opposes. Their plan will see our vital services transferred to Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, which is a 30-50 minute drive from Telford. We are united in fighting these proposals.

We will use the money raised through this page to instruct solicitors with experience in challenging reconfiguration decisions, to review the Future Fit process and get a barrister's specialist opinion on whether there are grounds to issue a Judicial Review.

We need £5,000 for solicitors to undertake this initial work. '

The appeal, launched at 5pm has hit almost £200.…/save-telfords-hospital-serv…/

4 thoughts on “Telford MP launches legal challenge appeal

  • I thought Irwin Mitchell was one of those ambulance chasing “no win, no fee” types? So can we not pay them when the jobs done? Or, Lucy said she’d give 10% of her pay to local causes. That should cover it.


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