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Boom! Towers come down on 6th December

Boom! Towers come down on 6th December

Residents urged to view cooling towers demolition online. This is preferable than going to the area of the site where there will be a 350 metre safety exclusion zone and a number of road and path closures.

The demolition is scheduled for Friday 6 December around 11am and there will be no public access to the site.

The Council has created a special information website to help keep people informed. This can be viewed at

There will be a short term road closure of Buildwas Road from 6am on the will also be closed as the need arises.

Dale End Park and the Museum of the Gorge car park will both be closed.

Katherine Kynaston, Telford & Wrekin Council’s assistant director for Development, said: “We are working closely with site owner Harworth Group to help ensure the demolition can go ahead as safely as possible.

“The best place to view it will be online and there is no viewing area on site and there will be no parking at or near to the Power Station site.

“Some roads and footpaths near the site will also be temporarily closed before, during and after the demolition.

“People are therefore asked to be considerate of businesses and homes in the area and not to block or restrict access to any roads or premises.”

Details of where to view the online feed will be posted on the council’s social media channels before the day of the demolition.

The demolition of the towers will generate dust and significant noise levels. Although it is expected that the vast majority of dust will fall in the immediate vicinity of the towers, there is a possibility that some dust will be carried beyond the 350m exclusion zone.

Harworth Group is advising that residents keep all windows and doors shut and keep children and pets indoors where possible.

These photos are posted with kind permission of Mark Richardson. They were taken by his father in law, Gordon Crawford and show the towers being built and the land they were built on.

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