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Friends Group adopts Madebrook

Friends Group adopts Madebrook

One voluntary group in Telford has decided to take one step further to looking after beauty spots in the Borough by increasing the areas they look after.

The Friends of Holmer Lake were formed in 2015 to look after the environment around the lake in Stirchley, South Telford and have recently taken on the Madebrook, a recognised local nature reserve as an area to maintain.

The Chairman of the now Friends of Holmer Lake & Madebrook, Connor Furnival believes this is a great move by the group which will benefit both the immediate areas and the community at large.

He said "We've taken this decision as it makes sense, we are currently talking to our partners in the local authority to join both sites with a joined management plan, in future we want the LNR status to be extended from the Madebrook to include Holmer Lake and we have a growing love for the environment and wildlife so this just makes sense for us to broaden our possibilities by looking after a wider area.

The group now needs to bring in extra hands to help keep the areas clean and fundraise for improvements in the areas.

Mr Furnival said "We are excited but we need to be able to manage what we do, we only have so many hands, so we are putting out a plea; if you're thinking of what new years resolution to do in 2020 I can think of an easy one with lots of benefits, volunteer!"

"Being outside with nature benefits us all and studies show that spending a few hours a month with nature or looking after a piece of it helps our mental health significantly so why wouldn't you consider it. We have volunteers from Stirchley to Madeley, to Brookside to Wellington and ages from 18 to 72 and we really are inclusive, we welcome anyone who is willing to help as little or as much as they can"

For more details of the group and how to get involved search Friends of Holmer Lake & Madebrook on Facebook and Twitter or email

Pic: B Wheeler Esq.

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