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The Wrekin Toposcope

The Wrekin Toposcope

Sounds like it could be used to view the planets or play a tune that might sound like the Dr Who theme but it is, in fact, the circular disc on a plinth that points to forty places you can see from the summit, and one, mysteriously that you can't.

Anth Rowley has taken it upon himself to visit each one and document his challenge. If you love the quirky intrigue of old maps, changing landscapes and the tale of one man's quest, you will undoubtedly love this website.

The influence that the Luftwaffe had on maps of Telford, the aerial photos and the pictures of the places that the toposcope points to, and the journey of Anth, no stranger to The Wrekin, having done multiple ascents and descents to raise money for the Harry Johnson Trust.


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