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Jackfield bears the brunt of the flooding

Jackfield bears the brunt of the flooding

The Boat Inn, The Half Moon and a number of houses are feeling the very real effects of the Storm Dennis aftermath.

These photos from Liam Ball show the extent of the floodwater.

3 thoughts on “Jackfield bears the brunt of the flooding

  • So sorry to see the Half moon under water, my parents bought it in the 90’s when it had been derelict for 8 years. I remember my dad renovating it and my parents did their best to keep the character.
    My husband and I had our wedding reception there.People saw the lights on from across the river that night and started pouring in but the renovation wasn’t complete however that turned quickly into the ‘opening night’s, free food all around!
    My parents donated the huge jug ( supposed to be the biggest jug in the world) to the tile museum.It used to sit outside the pub, made locally many years ago.
    Sadly my dad Peter Watts passed away in 2000 but I have fond memories of the place,
    Not so fond of the ghost!

  • I worked on contract in Telford in the early 90s and stayed during the week just along the road from the Half Moon. I remember Peter well – spent a few late nights there sorting out the world with him. Your family had a lovely pub there – good food, good beer and, always, a good welcome. I remember going back some time after they sold it and being disappointed in that their high standards were no longer maintained.

  • So sorry to hear this great pub great food, hope you get back to normal soon.


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