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Tesco Rush

"They blitzed some aisles in twenty minutes"

This video from Tescos shows shoppers who had been queueing from before 6am pour through the doors to hunt down stock, some running to get the most in demand produce first.

Many 24hrs supermarkets have been closing overnight to restock and control supply, reopening at 6am.

In one local shop, a customer took to Twitter to complain about being charged £2.95 for a two pack of Toilet Roll.

In Wellington Market yesterday, the fruit & veg stalls were well stocked, and yet the market itself was very quiet.

Wellington Express, the big white building in Walker St even had handwash in stock, although the queues to get served at the single till.

On the positive side, demand for oil globally has reduced to such an extent that the price per litre of petrol and diesel dropped to under 120p. A long way from the peak of 148p back in 2016.

At what point do the people buying up all the pasta, bread, toilet rolls and cereals decide they have enough?

Do you go out daily trying to find these elusive items?

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2 thoughts on “Tesco Rush

  • If we as an 82 and 86 year old need food, we have no chance, although we are regulars at ALDI. We can’t wait in queues, specially if there is nothing left on the shelves if we even try. Surely a kinder way can be introduced. What a sad reflection of modern day life we see now. We are still humans, if no longer valued, having the need for a little empathy, a word very rarely used these days. If the me first generation live long enough, it might be too late to reflect.!

    • They managed in the war this is a Disgrace! I thought it opened early for the vulnerable! Most were not vulnerable more like greedy and selfish. Glad they have the money to keep filling up.


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